Can Cigars Cause Success? 

Mark Twain was a brilliant man who loved his cigars. He made a habit of smoking cigars while he wrote. Twain is famous for resisting societal pressures, and his choice in cigars was no different. He preferred the cigars that he could buy for $4 a barrel. He once stated that "To me, almost any cigar is good that nobody else will smoke, and to me almost all cigars are bad that other people consider good."

Mark Twain Smoking Cigar

What would he be without his cigars? Twain smoked one cigar after another while writing, and when his wife forced him to quit, he got a severe case of writer's block that lasted a few months. Once he started to smoke again, he completed his book in three months.  

While cigars can't officially be connected to Twain's success, they must have played a roll. The man who smoked 300 cigars a month and was only able to write with a cigar in his mouth, wrote some of the most-read books in the US today, including Huckleberry Finn AKA The Great American Novel. 

There have been many great people throughout history that smoked cigars, and almost all of them were proud of their habits. Could cigars be the reason for their success? People like Winston Churchill, Mark Twain, JFK, and Babe Ruth, to name a few, are almost synonymous with their cigar smoking habits. This common ritual cannot be just a coincidence.

Maybe, behind every great man there is a great cigar.


 Written by C. Vogler