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Define Your Taste

Choosing a Cigar which will be a pleasure to your taste buds is similar to choosing a fine wine or vintage scotch.  It often begins with tasting of different brands and blends while seeking suggestions from friends and experts who help guide you towards the best choices.  We at CigarsofCuba.com pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of Cuban Cigars and are always happy to chat with fellow Cigar enthusiasts whether far into their journey or just beginning the search for their perfect smoke.  You can email us at cigars@cigarsofcuba.com or call toll free 1-877-905-2423 if you need help with a purchase for a gift or if you would like us to be your guide to help you Define Your Taste.

To help you get started here is some valuable information about Cuban Cigars including sizing, flavours, how to light up and take care of your Cuban Cigars with proper Humidor maintenance. 


The Size and Shape of Your Cigar

Cigars have two dimensions to them, a length which can range from a 2” mini to a 9 ½” Grand Corona, and a ring gauge which is the diameter measured in mm.  The larger the ring gauge, the larger the diameter of the smoke. 

 Cigars also come in an assortment of about 30 different shapes, the most common being Churchill, Corona, Lonsdale, Robusto, Pyramid and Perfecto.

Cuban Cigar Sizes

Cigar colors can range anywhere from a light tan to an almost black color.  Generally the lighter the color the lighter a smoke the cigar will be.  Cuban cigars are noted as a generally full-bodied smoke.  

Cigar Flavours

Cuban Cigar Flavours

Caring for a quality cigar

Cigars need to be stored at a humidity level of between 65 - 70% and a temperature of between 16 – 18 degrees C. 

Temperature and humidity are very important to the quality of a cigar, as it will dramatically change the taste and burn of a cigar.  A dry cigar will also smoke a lot faster and will crack and become very brittle to touch.  In other words a dry cigar will be a ruined cigar and will not give the same quality of smoke as a properly cared for cigar.


Smoking a cigar 

Most cigars come sealed at the head.  This means they need to be cut before being smoked.   A good quality, sharp cutter should always be used.  When cutting the head off a cigar it is important to use a decisive stroke, this achieves a clean cut and opens the entire head, which allows for a smooth even flow of smoke. 

When it comes to lighting a smoke there are a number of different methods that can be used. 

Wooden matches are one of the best ways to light a cigar.  You should always let the sulfur burn off the match before lighting the cigar, and the match should be held about ½” away from the cigar.

Small strips of cedar called “spills” are also a very popular method.  This method is usually preferred at home or in a cigar room as it not very convenient.

The third and most convenient method used is butane lighter.  Care should be used to when using a lighter.  It is very important to never let the flame of a lighter actually touch the cigar, as it can adversely effect the taste of the cigar.

The final step is to sit back and relax and enjoy your smoke.